Sunday, September 30, 2012

Update on Life

I have been out for a while. First of all, crazy summer and getting pregnant in June contributed to no extra ability to blog...let alone clean my house, cook, take care of my crazy kids, and be involved in life around me. I am now 15-16 weeks pregnant and feeling great. My kids are in school: Victoria (9) is in fourth grade, Jocelyn (7) is in second grade, and Tyler is in preschool three days a week.
I  have been hired by Somae Health as an independant consultant to rewrite training materials and help revamp their procedures as they expand and grow. I LOVE Somae! David and I used them in March and David lost a total of 30 pounds. I lost 16 and am finding each one of those pounds again as the baby grows each week.
I LOVE that Somae promotes whole foods, I LOVE that they believe in healing your gut and your digestive system, I LOVE that they have one-on-one mentor coaching to help you with your individual needs and I LOVE what they stand for and are trying to promote....overall health and wellness through a whole foods lifestyle.
When I started my blog almost 2 years ago, that is what I was trying to do. It hasn't been perfect and it hasn't been easy and there have been times when it was easier to revert back to everything that was convenient and fast. I have learned so much since then and have met amazing people along the way to teach me and set such a good example for me.  And now, as a family, we are slowly on our whole foods journey together.
I told Somae that for 4 weeks, I would blog about whole foods lunches and what I am fixing for my kids. My ideas for the challenge came from 100 days of real food and the amazing lunches Lisa creates every day for her kids. My friend Trina told me about her website and once I took a few minutes to check it out, I couldn't believe everything she was doing with her kids. I decided to take on the challenge for 4 weeks and then evaluate how it went, what the kids like and don't like, and what I can continue to do to make lunches exciting and fun (and easy for MOM).
I am hoping that I will find time to not only blog about the lunches we create as a family, but what else we are doing to stay healthy this fall and winter, what we fix for dinner, fun things we do and are involved in, and just give a little more insight to our every day lives and how eating a whole foods lifestyle fits in with a crazy schedule.

 Victoria on her first day of fourth grade. She is smart, kind, funny, gentle, accepting  and we call her our "old soul." She plans on being a veterinarian and gets this compassionate love for animals, definitely from her dad.
She has had the hardest time "enjoying" healthy choices at home, but is slowly coming around, and I have realized that the less I push her, the more she decides its good for her on her own! She doesn't want to know what is in her food and is more likely to eat something healthy if she doesn't see me make it!
 Jocelyn on her first day of second grade sporting her brand new braces. Jocelyn is spunky, brave, strong, full of life and determined to do things her own way. She wants to do make-up for runway models someday! She LOVES eating salads and drinking green smoothies and begs for healthy things! (She also loves sugar, but admits that it doesn't make her feel good and knows that she is happier and less feisty when she consumes less sugar! She also sleeps more soundly and has less trouble falling asleep when she doesn't have anything "junky" in the evening!
And last, but CERTAINLY not least, our Tyler. He is 4 and LOVES preschool. He wants to be a ninja when he grows up (like his friend Kevin-one of David's P.T. interns). He loves dinosaurs, playing by himself, scootering and HATES using hair products! Junk food, especially artificial dyes, high fructose corn syrup and enriched white flour make him CRAZY! He is drawn to those foods because he likes the tastes, but then bounces off the walls or becomes sick and lethargic from too much. When he makes better food choices, he is more obedient, has no runny nose, sleeps better and is less likely to bite or hit one of his sisters. He will only drink a green smoothie if he know he is gaining some sort of super power from it....SO....we get creative around here!

Enjoy our journey and glad to be back! Don't count on a post every day, but do plan on new recipes, healthy tips and great lunch ideas in the near future!

I don't promise to be perfect, to know all the answers and to do everything right, but I do promise that I am committed to:
  •  health created (as much as possible) at home,
  •  moderation
  • trying different things
  • learning from others
  • admitting someone can do it better
  • listening to my kids and what they like/don't like
  • making healthy eating fun and easier
  • having fun
Here's to HOME-MADE HEALTH and the freedom that comes from living a whole foods lifestyle....most of the time!


  1. congratulations on the pregnancy!!! It's glad to see you're back.

  2. Great job!! Love your blog. love your approach. I'm with ya! :-) Chat soon!