About Me

My name is Leanna and I am 31.
My husband David and I moved to Springville Utah in July, 2010. I was born and raised in North San Diego County and David is from Burbank. We have been married for eleven years and have three beautiful children.
We loved living in San Diego, but wanted freedom from debt and a new change of pace for our lives. We live right at the mouth of a gorgeous canyon with trails, parks, rivers and tons of animal life.
I love to run, lift weights and lead a healthy life. I signed up for my first iron man event, the half ironman in Boise June 11, 2011. My husband is a physical therapist at a triathalon training gym, and once I saw how much fun and rewarding triathalons are, I knew I had to do one.
I was recently diagnosed with Adrenal Fatigue and have had to take a break from exercise for a few months. Through this time I have been able to realize what is most important and have tried to make some necessary changes that are helping me heal.
This blog is to document those changes and how I can take what I have learned and implement it in my life and the lives of my family members.
I have decided, after much reading and studying, to consume most of my daily intake of food as raw vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds and legumes. This blog will be a journey as I try new recipes that my whole family will eat, and a step by step guide to be healthy, happy and full of energy.