Sunday, October 7, 2012

We love FALL...and I LOVE Pumpkin Muffins

This is our third fall since moving to Utah. Growing up in San Diego, I didn't really get to experience the kind of fall that many other parts of the United States. Our kids LOVE the fall and we make a point to experience it as much as possible. Our kids are also outside kids, so it is really nice to take a break on a Sunday afternoon and get outside. Also...we are lucky that we have a canyon in our back yard and this is only 10 minutes away!
 Tyler, Victoria and Jocelyn
My kids actually do like eachother....once in a while

 Tyler, Victoria, David and Jocelyn
 Vicotira and I

Feeling and seeing the fall weather got me in the mood for something pumpkin. I came up with these muffins and they are great. None of my kids are pumpkin fans, so they haven't tried them...but I sure did!

Grain Free Pumpkin Muffins
In a bowl, mix the following:
1 3/4-2 C. almond flour (add a little more if it is too wet)
3/4 C. canned pumpkin
2 eggs
1/2 C. honey
1/4 C. coconut oil
1 t. baking soda
1/2 t. baking soda
1 t. pumpkin pie spice
1/2 t. cinnamon
Mix all together and put in muffin tins. I think I made 15. Bake at 350 until set (about 20-25 minutes)
I froze them so they are quick to grab on the go.


  1. Everyone looks so good! And that recipe looks divine. :) <3

  2. I'm making a double batch of these muffins right now. Thanks for sharing!