Sunday, May 29, 2011

Food Lately!

Me and my triathlon coach, Greg after my first 50 mile bike ride..took us 3 hours!

For those of you that don't know, I am in the middle of training for a half-iron man race which will take place on June, 11th in Boise, Idaho. This will involve a 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike ride and a 13.1 mile run. I train at least 1 hour a day, usually more and sometimes doing two workouts in a day. It has been interesting trying to fit everything in, but has also been very rewarding. The only problem is what I am eating. I feel like it has taken me a really long time to figure out what my body needs, nutrition wise, why I am training this hard. I support what Dr. Furhman says and still try to live a Nutritarian lifestyle, but have had to make some adjustments to fit my needs.
Me with my new racing shoes I am trying to break in before the race in two weeks!

I know that I need to eat in between meals, especially when I am burning 3500-4000 calories in a day. I know this, because of my exerspy arm band. You can learn more about this awesome tool by contacting my trainer Cody HERE!

So, I thought I would share with you what is working for me right is still a work in progress, and based on what is going on that day, I do change things up..but for now, this is a pretty general food schedule for me:

Breakfast: Raw Oats (David and I make up a batch of this every few weeks). It is a recipe from Raw Melissa, but you can really add whatever you want. We add:
10 C. oats
1 C. coconut
1 C. chopped pecans
1 C. chopped dried cherries
1 C. sunflower seeds
1 C. pumpkin seeds.
Mix all together and put in a cool cookie jar. I leave it on my counter. David takes this to work every day. Scoop out what you want (I use 1/2 C.) and top with almond milk. Let sit for 10 minutes and enjoy with a packet of stevia and fresh blueberries! This is great when you are in a hurry, need something chewy and sweet (stevia is VERY sweet).

Morning Snack: Protein Shake made from Life's Basics Plant Protein Powder. With 25 grams of protein from pea, brown rice, hemp, and chia seeds, I feel this is the perfect addition on days when I am working out really hard.
Favorite Shake:
1 scoop Life's Basics Chocolate plant protein powder
1 small banana
2 C. spinach
1 medium zucchini
1 scoop cacao powder
1 T. natural peanut butter
You can get this protein powder at your local health food store, but it is cheaper on websites like amazon. The green protein powder is also awesome! Has soo many vitamins.

Giant salad with at least 1 pound of veggies, beans and cashew ranch dressing. Just like the one I wrote about HERE!

Afternoon snack:
a take a little carrot juice (really cuts the
vinegar flavor out) and mix in 1 T. of apple cider vinegar and 2 t. Vitamineral greens. You can read about them here!
If I need another shake, I will make a green smoothie using Life Source plant protein powder.Dinner is what ever I make (can't turn off the stupid underlining thing..sorry)...usually a balance with a plant based protein, like beans and or quinoa and lots of veggies!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Another Raw Cookie Adaptation

My friend, Liz took Raw Melissa's chocolate no-bake recipe, which you can find here and changed it. I then took her recipe and added a few more things. Here you go:

Raw Cinnamon Oatmeal No Bakes
3 C. rolled oats
1/2 C. almond butter
1/2 C. coconut butter
1 T. vanilla
1 t. cinnamon
1/4 t. nutmeg
3/4 t. sea salt
1 C. agave

In a bowl, mix the following ingredients and let sit for 1 hour to soften. Then add:

1 C. almond flour (almonds ground up finely in a high-powered blender)
Mix together and shape into 24 cookies. These are really good...add raisins, craisens or chocolate chips for extra yumminess!

Sweet Potato and Lentil Salad

This is a really yummy dish...perfect to fill you up, especially after a really hard workout.
Again, it is from Here you go:

2 large sweet potatoes
1 T. olive oil
salt and pepper to taste
2 C. organic vegetable broth
1 C. uncooked green lentils
1 onion, chopped
2 garlic cloves, minced
1 green pepper, chopped
2 C. spinach chopped
Dressing (I doubled this)
1 T. pure maple syrup, 1 t. dijon mustard, 1 T. olive oil, 1 T. balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper

1. Preheat the oven to 400 degrees. Peel and chop sweet potatoes into 1 inch cubes. In a bowl, mix with 1 T. olive oil and season with salt and pepper. Roast for about 30 minutes, stiring with a spatula half-way through
2. While those are cooking, cook lentils on the stove with the broth.
3. To a pan, add chopped onion and garlic. Cook with a drop of olive oil for 4 minutes and then add in chopped pepper and spinach and cook for another 5 minutes. When the lentils and sweet potatoes are done, add them in.
4. Mix your dressing, and then stir into mixture on the stove. Season with salt and pepper. Serves 4-6 side servings.

(p.s. I served it with homemade pita bread that I made. I have been experimenting with naturally leavened whole-wheat bread. If you are interested in obtaining a starter, you can get it from the authors of Original Fast Foods. Click HERE, to read more about naturally-leavened bread and what you can make with one batch of dough! YUMMY! To obtain a starter, they have information on the right hand side of the page, about half way down

Monday, May 16, 2011

Getting a cold? Try this,,,,,

I sent the following info to one of my dearest friends in the whole world and thought I would share.
After Easter, and all the candy, both of my girls started to get sick..within 48 hours of each other. The following remedies worked for both of them. My youngest took about a day to feel better and my older only took a few hours!
I love finding amazing things that God has given us that help our bodies heal and stay healthy. you go (this info is taken from my book, Looking Younger, Living Longer):

1. Grapefruit seed extract (anti-microbial):
*It is a powerful, broad-spectrum anti-microbial that is being used to fight many types of bacteria, viruses, protozoa, fungi and other microbes.
*It is nontoxic, even to pregnant women and children.
*Kills candida, staph, salmonella, strep, and e. coli.
*great for urinary tract infections
*Does not harm beneficial bacteria in digestive tract
*can be used internally and externally
*Can be used as a disinfectant around the house (more effective than bleach)
*can gargle AND swallow it
Dosage: Adults- 5 to 15 drops in a glass of juice or water, one to three times a day. You can also gargle this for a sore throat
Children: Take 1 to 3 drops in juice or water, one to three times daily
You can buy it HERE!

2. Thymus (immune system enhancer)*the thymus gland has a lot of responsibility and is often times overwhelmed.
*taking thymus extract strengthens the thymus gland.
*the thymus gland is the "school and factory" for lymphocytes-the white blood cells responsible for the immunological reaction in the body. Lymphocytes come to the thymus from the bone marrow. Under the influence of the thymus hormones, these cells mature, then leave the thymus and settle in the lymph nodes and the spleen, where they give rise to other generations of lymphocytes called T cells. The thymus continues to secrete hormones and to train and export T cells until later in life. The thymus gland then prepares the T cells to destroy foreign cells. This role is called immunological surveillance, and is directly concerned with resistance to infections and cancers.
Adults: Take 3 tablets, four times a day when you first feel sick. Shouldn't need to take this for more than a day or two
Children: Take 1 tablet, opened into a glass or water, one time a day
You can buy it HERE

3. Apple Cider Vinegar
You can see my post about this powerful stuff here!
I also made my "sick-free" concoction using apple cider vinegar here!
Adults-Take 1 T. a day for maintenece
Children: I give my kids at least 1 t. when they are first showing signs of sickness.

4. Chlorella
I have mentioned this already HERE, but here is a quick re cap:
*highest form of chlorophyll...stronger than wheat grass
*superior nutritional support
*removes chemicals and heavy metals from the body
*provides critical nutritional support
*promotes normal blood pressure levels
*cholesterol cutting super-food, also increases blood vessel elasticity
*regulates digestion
*anti-cancer properties
Adults: take 1 t. a day. This stuff, in the powdered form, is NASTY! I mix 1 t. with my 1 T. of apple cider vinegar in a little of my smoothie and down it every day.
You can buy it HERE:

When my kids were sick, I gave them a little bit of smoothie and added the grapefruit seed extract, the thymus capsule and the apple cider vinegar all in one. They took it...only crying for a second.

It was amazing to see them get better so quickly! It is fun to make a difference in the lives of my children.

Friday, May 13, 2011

What do I eat for lunch?

I have had quite a few people interested in what I eat for lunch? I rarely have enough time to make lunch, like I do dinner. I try to always eat at least 1 pound of vegetables at lunch. By the time 12:30 rolls around, my body is actually asking me for I try to deliver.

Here is a picture of a typical lunch for myself. It includes:
tons of chopped veggies (I try to rotate so I don't get tired of the same thing)
a cooked veggie burger from Costco (they are new and come in a white box.)
(I spray Bragg's amino acids on my burger to give it a great flavor)
1/2 C. beans (I really like white kidney beans)
a small serving of brown rice pasta
2 oz. of avocado
a drizzle of either balsamic vinaigrette or Cashew Ranch from Original Fast Foods.

Here is the recipe for Cashew Ranch Dressing:

In your blender. blend:
1 C. raw cashews
3/4 C. water (more if you want it to be thinner the next day)
2 T. freshly squeezed lemon juice
1/2 t. garlic powder (sometimes I do more like 3/4 t.)
1/2 t. onion powder
1/4 t. REAL salt
1 t. dried basil
1 t. dried dill
1 to 2 T. chia seeds if you want it really think

Blend until smooth, except the chia seeds. If you want it thick, add chia seeds and let sit for 10 minutes. Enjoy!

I love this dressing. It also works great if you want something creamy on a taco! Yummy!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Meat Glue Secret

Almond Butter from Heaven!

If I were to ask my husband to describe almond butter, he would make a weird face and pretend like he was choking...basically meaning it is too thick and not edible in his mind!

Well, when you combine store bought almond butter, with almond milk..something amazing get creamy, smooth and completely satisfying almond butter that you can just lick with your fingers or dip apples and bananas in!

Of Course it is from day I will create my own recipes...but for now I just take what I can get from others and then try to make them my own.

Here is Angela's picture of the almond butter...and it really does look like this:
image from

Heavenly Almond Butter

3/4 C. natural almond butter
3/4 C. unsweetened, vanilla almond milk
1 T. pure maple syrup
1/4 t. ground cinnamon

1. In your blender, add the almond milk and then the other ingredients. Blend until smooth and enjoy! Try to leave some for later :)

Veggie Stew and Corn Quinoa Muffins!

If you can't tell by now....I LOVE QUINOA! I LOVE IT...I LOVE IT....I LOVE IT!

I was so excited to try these new quinoa muffins from They were the perfect compliment to my stew that I adapted from

Here you go:

Black Quinoa Corn Muffins
1 C. organic corn meal
1/4 C. organic flour (aka masa harina..Bob's Red Mill sells it in a bag)
1 C. cooked black quinoa (I used white cause that's what I had)
1 T. baking powder
1/2 t. baking soda
3/4 t. sea salt
1 C. almond milk
3 T. chia seeds + 9 T. water
1/4 C. sunflower oil
1 T. raw honey
1/2 cup diced cilantro leaves
1 chili, minced or 1/2 t. ground chipotle

1. Preheat oven to 400. Line metal muffin tins with muffin papers (this batch made 12 muffins for me)
2. Mix chia seeds and water in a bowl and set aside to gel up (this will be used in place of using an egg). In about 10 minutes, it should look thick and almost gel like
3. In a large bowl, mix the dry ingredients together and add the cooked, cooled quinoa.
4. In another bowl, whisk the wet ingredients together, including the chia gel
5. Add the wet ingredients to the dry ingredients and mix just until combined. Fold in cilantro and minced chili
6. Pour batter into muffin papers and bake for about 25 minutes until edges are brown.

Note: These were a little crumbly, but I really liked the texture, flavor and how dense they are. IT tasted great heated up for lunch today! Next time, I will use less cornmeal and more corn flour. Great gluten-free recipe!

Veggie Stew
adapted from:

1-2 T. olive oil
1 onion, diced
4 garlic cloves, pressed through the garlic press
4 green onions, diced
2 bay leaves
3 small zucchini, chopped
4 celery ribs, diced
2 C. baby carrots, chopped
4 C. organic, free range chicken broth
1 28 oz. can diced Italian blend tomatoes
2 small cans, no salt added, tomato sauce
1/2 C. uncooked green lentils
1/2 C. uncooked wild rice blend
1/2 C. frozen Edamame
1.5 T. fresh lemon juice
2-3 T. fresh minced parsley
1 t. garlic powder
1 t. onion powder
1/2 t. red pepper flakes
1 t. sea salt
pepper to taste
2 C. chopped spinach

1. In large pot over lower heat, add olive oil, onions and garlic. Heat for a few minutes until softer
2. Add bay leaves, the chopped veggies and cook for 5 or 6 more minutes
3. Stir in diced tomatoes, tomato sauce, chicken broth, lentils and wild rice. Simmer over low/medium heat for 20 minutes.
4. After 20 minutes, add in the lemon juice, parsley, garlic and onion powder, salt and pepper, red pepper flakes, Edamame and spinach.
5. Cook until rice and lentils are tender. Discard bay leaves before eating!

Lots of kids ate it over extra plain quinoa. I broke up my muffin and put it on top of my stew! YUMMY!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

Me with Victoria and Jocelyn in my bed when they brought me breakfast!

Yesterday was a great day! The kids wanted to bring me breakfast in bed, but David wasn't sure what I would want to sweet of him to plan ahead. We came up with this yummy breakfast for the girls and him to make for me...and I have to say, it tastes awesome and I made
it for myself again today:

Strawberry Pecan Bowl:
Here is it!

In a bowl, chop one small banana, a handful of strawberries and a few pecans.
Top with a few tablespoons thickly shredded coconut and a T of almond butter.
Drizzle coconut milk over the top and enjoy!

Me and the kids at church: Victoria, Jocelyn and Tyler

After breakfast and church, we went to our friend's house (Matt and Jen Stewart) for dinner. Jen made my favorite Raw Chocolate Mousse Peanut Butter Pie that our friend Liz taught us how to was the perfect treat for Mother's Day! I couldn't help but be super happy! What a wonderful day. Thanks Honey for the love! (David loved being at the Stewart's cause we got to eat in the big kids dining room and all the kids ate in the other room...lovely!)

David and Me...11 1/2 years!

Liz's Raw Chocolate Mousse Peanut Butter Pie:


Chocolate Crust:
2 C. walnuts, u soaked
6 Medjool dates, pitted, unsoaked
1/4 C. cocoa powder
1/4 t. sea salt

Chocolate Layer:
2 avocados diced
1/2 C. agave nectar
1/4 C. cocoa powder
1/4 C. water
2 t. vanilla
2 T. coconut butter

Almond Butter Layer:
1/4 C. almond butter (i use peanut butter)
1/2 C. cashews, unsoaked
1/2 C. agave nectar
2 T. coconut butter
1/2 C. water

1. In food processor, combine walnuts, sea salt and dates until walnuts become crumbs. Add cocoa powder and mix well. Press crust into a spring form pan. Place in freezer

2. For the chocolate layer, combine avocados, agave nectar, coconut butter, water and vanilla extract in the blender. Blend until smooth and creamy. Remove crust from freezer and pour chocolate mousse over the crust and place back in the freezer.

3. For the nut butter layer, add the cashews and agave to the blender until cashews break down a bit. Add the nut butter of choice and coconut butter. The mixture will become thick very quickly, have the water on hand to stream in the running blender, using additional water if necessary. Pour the mousse into the pan. Return to the freezer for at least 4 hours to set!
Enjoy this beautiful raw treat! It is truly amazing and brings a smile to my face :)

Buckwheat Rocks!

The following information is from HERE:

"What is buckwheat?
Technically, buckwheat is not a grain. It's not even related to wheat (which I didn't know). It is a seed, from the rhubarb family, but one that can be used in a wide range of recipes in a manner similar to wheat. The people of China and Jap
an, where it originated, have reaped its health benefits for centuries, but it remains relatively new to the U.S.

Benefits of Buckwheat:
Buckwheat is quite a nutritional powerhouse. Since it is not a wheat, it doesn't contain gluten, making it an ideal dietary option for those who are gluten sensitive or who have Celiacs disease. It is high in fiber and protein, and is a good source of iron and magnesium.Magnesium helps the body's metabolism function effectively,
and a half cup serving of buckwheat contains a mighty 51 mg of the mineral, as well as .8 mg of iron and 3 g of protein, all for just 90 calories.
1 cup of buckwheat contains more fiber than a cup of oatmeal and a slice of whole wheat toast combined.

Here are two recipes I tried using buckwheat this past week and I loved them both...especially since I can't really have wheat, it was nice to have pancakes. Enjoy:

Upside Down Apple Cake

1 large sweet apple, peeled, cored and
cut in thin slices
2 t. cinnamon
2 T. Sucanat (or brown sugar)
1 medium banana, mashed
1/2 C. unsweetened applesauce
1 t. vanilla
2 T. pure maple syrup
1 T. ground flax seeds
3/4 C. almond milk
3/4 C. plus 1 T. raw buckwheat flour (process raw buckwheat groats in your blender until they turn into flour)
1 t. ground cinnamon
2 t. baking powder
1/4 t. baking soda

1. Preheat over to 350. Line a 10 inch spring form pan or pie plate with a circle of parchment paper; then grease both the pan and the paper to prevent sticking.
2. In a small bowl, combine the apple, cinnamon and Sucanat. Toss with a spoon until all the sliced are coated. Place the sliced in a single layer over the bottom of the pan.
3. In a medium bowl, mash the banan
a. Now whisk together the mashed banana, applesauce, vanilla, maple syrup, milk and ground flax seeds until combined. In a large bowl, sift together the remaining ingredients. Add the wet mixture and stir until well combined. Pour batter over the apples and smooth over.
4. Bake the pancake at 350 for 40-45 minutes until no longer runny in the middle. Cook completely and then loosen edged of ca
ke with a knife. Remove spring form and flip cake over onto a plate!
This serves four big pieces with each at about 200 calories, 2 g. fat, 39 g. carbs, 5 g. fiber, and 4 g. protein.

Buckwheat Pinole Pancakes
1/2 C. pinole (masa harina corn flour..B
ob's red mill sells it in a bag)
1/4 C. chia seeds
1/2 C. buckwheat flour (I used store time I will grind up the buckwheat groats)
1/2 t. salt
1 t. baking powder
1/4 C. applesauce
1 C. milk (I had to almost double this to get a good pancake consistency)
2 T. oil
2 T. agave
1 t. vanilla

Mix the dry ingredients together and whisk in the wet ingredients. Cooking on a griddle and enjoy! I keep these in the freezer and pull out as I need them. YUM!