Sunday, February 13, 2011

What is the difference between Chlorella and Chlorophyll?

You may be thinking to yourself, I don't even know what those are...let alone the difference.
Well, here it is:
By definition, Chlorophyll is: any of a group of green pigments that are found in the chloroplasts of plants and in other photosynthetic organisms.

I have been reading about Chlorella, but wasn't sure how this differs from Chlorophyll...
Well...after doing some research, I have added Chlorella to my top list of things to feed my body for optimal health and nutrition. (I will be posting Leanna's Longevity List later this week).

I did a little research and found out:

*Chlorella is the highest natural source of chlorophyll (even more than wheat grass and alfalfa)
*Chlorella is a whole food (no other vitamin or mineral can ever replace the value of a whole food. definition of a whole food: a whole entire organism in it's entirety)
*contains up to 10 more times Chlorophyll than spirulina
*Chlorella is effective in dextoxifying the body
*it is used to cleanse the body of metals and chemical pollutants
*is a single cell, fresh water green micro-algae
*can bring balance to your body
* has the ability to absorb pesticides as they enter your body
After reading and researching, with the advise of others I trust, I will be trying Sun Chlorella. You can read about this amazing substance and purchase it HERE!

You can find answers to some common questions about Chlorella HERE.

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