Monday, February 7, 2011

Sprouting Beans

(There are sprouted mung beans...can you see the tiny white sprouts coming out of the beans? Pretty cool and really fool proof)

Sprouted foods contain a lot more nutrients, than foods that are not sprouted. Once you sprout a legume for instance, you are really turning your legume more into a vegetable and your body can absorb it a lot easier. They become more concentrated with enzymes, protein, minerals and vitamins.
Why is it easier to digest a sprouted bean?

Because you are basically taking something way more complex in structure, sprouting it,

bringing it to life and making it more simple.

More Simple = Less Gas...or no gas! (funny, but true!) If you want to read more about sprouting beans, you can HERE.

This last week, I sprouted, for the first time, four different types of beans and it turned out to be easy! I sprouted black beans, kidney beans, mung beans (amazing little things) and adzuki beans!

1. Dump a bag of beans, or two cups into a glass bowl and cover with filtered water.

2. Let sit for 24 hours

3. Rinse thoroughly using a strainer.

4. Place rinse beans in a small mesh strainer and set strainer over a bowl to collect water drips

5. Cover beans with a damp towel (I have some that I will just use for sprouting)

6. Rinse really well twice a day, letting the water drain out and recover with towel

7. Repeat for 2-3 days, until your beans have little sprouts sticking out of them.

8. That's it! Use your beans in soups or cook "slow-and-low" in a crock pot.

I cooked all my beans separately with some salt and other seasoning and then froze them..two cups in a bag..for future use.

Last night, using my "soaked" whole wheat tortillas, we used some kidney and black beans (that I reheated and seasoned) to make burritos. We added guacamole, lettuce and salsa!

No one complained...and there was no "gas" fest going on after dinner.

What a beautiful thing!

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