Monday, February 7, 2011

Soaking Grains

So, I just learned some cool things about soaking grains before using them. I found this whole-wheat tortilla recipe on Deliciously Organic, that you can download HERE. We just tried it last night and it was great! The main reason for soaking grains (or sprouting them) before use is so your body will be able to more easily digest them. The bran of the grain contains phytic acid that often times, prevents absorption in the intestinal tract.
Once you have soaked, or sprouted your grain, you are releasing the minerals that are contained in the phytic acid for absorption, thus neutralizing the acid. Many of the harsh starches are then able to be broken down and even people with severe grain intolerance can eat soaked or sprouted grains.
I have been sprouting grains for the last month, and it is not hard, but does take some work. Soaking, is a lot easier and something you do before you go to bed and then can use the next evening. The tortillas on the link above were great and really easy to make..and my kids loved them. It is a good first recipe for someone to try who isn't sure about the whole soaking or sprouting thing.
P.S. If you would like to read more about soaking and sprouting different things, click HERE is a great short article to help get you started.
P.P.S. The tortillas stored in the fridge great and even heated up nicely the next day!

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