Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Mango Sorbet

This recipe is super easy. I got the idea from my Vita-Mix cookbook. The recipe called for strawberries, but I used frozen mango chunks. I am sure it would be great with any fruit! David said this version reminded him of the Dole Whip that you buy at the Tikki Room at Disneyland.

In your high speed blender, mix:
1 small container natural vanilla yogurt

(if you don't want dairy, use So Delicious Coconut non-dairy yogurt)

Agave to taste (maybe a few tablespoons)

4 C. frozen mango chunks.

I turn it on low and then power it to high and leave it on for two minutes and I have ice cream. If you don't have a blender that will do this, then mix up your base, probably having the mangos thawed out first and put it in your ice cream maker. You could probably double it for your maker.
No one complained except for Victoria...but she has issues with mangos! Jocelyn, as you can see was quite content and asked to lick every one's bowls..
My kids like sorbet for breakfast.. they think it's pretty cool when they ask for ice cream for breakfast and I say, "Of Course!"
This is Jocelyn finishing her third bowl!


  1. Awesome blog!!!!!
    You're so smart! Thanks for sharing all your recipes and research! Love Jocelyn's bracelets!!! We need to get our girl together! Also I want to buy a new processor do you like vitamix? Or do you have a fav???
    Love ya!!!

  2. Is that so-delicious coconut yogurt ok for the Nutritarian?

  3. Shayla! Soo glad you found me! I am sure that yogurt would be fine! I don't know all the nutritarian rules, but I know that brand well. We use the coconut milk all the time! Please let me know if you have any other questions!