Sunday, October 7, 2012

Healthy Lunches Week #2

I have to say that last week was a success. The kids really liked the lunches and weren't even sad when they ate their homemade pizza instead of the pizza served at school.
Both my girls just wanted pizza every day this week, but I knew that wouldn't be interesting for a blog post and eventually they would get tired of it, so I limited their homemade pizza consumption to just one day this week. Here is the run down:

Monday was their FAVORITE from last week. Whole wheat pizza crust wedges from the freezer. Recipe from HERE. I actually used Costco Sauce. They have a new Kirtland brand that is natural and only has 5 or 6 ingredients in it, so I keep that on hand when I don't have any homemade sauce. They also have cucumber slices, APPLEGATE natural pepperoni and mozzarella cheese.
 Review: This is their favorite lunch to date! They say its even better than the store bought pizza lunchable.
Victoria requested a Panini because she saw them somewhere. We don't have a panini maker, so we stopped by the thrift store and bought a small George Foreman Grill for 4$. It was the perfect size for one sandwich. Her sandwich has 100% whole wheat bread, with a little butter on the outside, scrambled egg (I cooked three eggs for both girls. Mix three eggs in a bowl with a little water and scramble with a fork. Put in a hot greased pan and let sit, once the eggs are getting firm, cut in half and flip both sections over. That way you have flat eggs that will stay in the sandwich). She also requested a little cheese and avocado. I then flattened the sandwich with my hand and we put it in the grill for a few minutes. We wrapped it in foil before going in her lunch. She also had natural applesauce with cinnamon and one almond snickerdoodle, from HERE. (The only thing I did different for the cookie is roll it in both cinnamon and a little raw sugar before baking).
 Tuesday: The makeshift panini was a HUGE hit as well as the almond flour snickerdoodle. One of my girls said the cookie tasted different then what she's used to, but it was still gone!

Today was fruit skewers. We used fresh pineapple and cantaloupe, sliced cucumbers and carrots and shredded chicken mixed with a little olive oil mayo wrapped in a whole wheat flax tortilla (from Costco). The girls also requested a raw cookie ball (that I keep in the freezer). That is wrapped in wax paper by the fruit. You can find the raw cookie ball recipe HERE.
 Review: Too much fruit for the girls, but they ate all their veggies and loved the chicken roll-up. My girls love the raw cookie balls and Jocelyn (7) even asked to take one to her teacher at school... 

Today was leftover Dairy-Free Cheezy Broccoli Soup. You can find the recipe HERE on my blog. I heated it up and put it in the girls thermos containers so it would stay warm. They also had a frozen smoothie. You can read about them on my first lunch post HERE. and whole wheat bread. My bread recipe is at the bottom of this post.
 Review: Only one of the girls really loves this soup and the other is not a soup fan, but they both love the bread and frozen smoothie.

Today, the girls had a frozen smoothie (in the red container. Read Thursdays lunch to get the details), orange slices, celery with natural peanut butter and dried cranberries and 2 slices whole wheat banana bread from 100 Days of Real Food HERE. I make this two loaves at a time and freeze it in half slices once cooled. That way they can grab it whenever they want, especially on a morning we are running late. It works great in the toaster. I did make a few changes to the recipes: I added 4 bananas instead of 3, 6 oz. natural vanilla yogurt instead of 1/4 C. plain yogurt, and added these spices: 1 t. cinnamon, 1/4 t. nutmeg and cloves and 1/8 t. ginger. YUMMY!
 Review: This was too much food for both the girls. They only ate one (1/2 slice) of the bread and didn't finish all their oranges. They loved the celery with craisens and peanut butter and my older daughter only ate half her smoothie.

 Overall, this was a successful week and most all their food was consumed. I also don't worry too much about cramming veggies at lunch, because we always have them with dinner and they drink a green smoothie after school.

Gramy's Whole Wheat Bread
(This recipe is from my Gramy Su. It is half her french bread recipe and half her loaf recipe)
In a small cup, combine:
 1/4 C. warm water with 2 T. active yeast and 1 T. honey.
Let sit for 10 minutes until bubly.
In your mixer, add:
2 1/2 C. warm water
1/3 C. oil (I did use vegetable oil, cause that is what I have..I will try it with coconut oil next)
1/3 C. honey
3 C. white wheat flour (I grind mine fresh, but there are places you can buy white wheat instead of red wheat flour)
Once blended with your mixer, add in yeast water mixer.
Mix again and add:
1 T. sea salt
2 more C. white wheat flour
With mixer on, add enough flour slowly until dough pulls away from the sides of the bowl...maybe 2 or 2 cups more.  When you can touch it without feeling too sticky, then your dough is ready.
Put oil on your hands and take dough out of mixer. Shape it in a ball and put in a clean bowl and cover with a clean towel for an hour or until doubled.
Once dough has doubled, divide in two equal pieces and press into a rectangle on separate baking sheets.
Roll each rectangles from one side to the other and tuck the ends under. Should look like a french bread roll. Cover each baking sheet with a clean towel and leave until doubled.
Preheat oven to 375. Bake for 20-35 minutes until golden brown on top. Cool on a rack.

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