Monday, February 27, 2012

Every Color!

I have wanted to make this post since last year when I first made my own vitamins with my friend Cody. You can find Cody HERE. I took the pictures from her blog to use for today's post.

Our friend Stefanie shared a special formula for making vitamins that she had recieved from a top herbist (is that a word???) in Utah. These are really amazing. I take three every day. I use "00" capsuls.

You can buy all the herbs, capsulator and capsuls from HERE.

You mix two tablespoons of each of the following herbs in a bowl. It is beautiful to see all the colors from different plants that are found all over the world, which God has given us to use to benefit our health. (It's not as pretty once you mix them all up, but this is what it looks

(These will last you a LONG factor that in when you see the cost for all the herbs)

(all of the benefits of these herbs can be found all over the internet. These herbs are not guaranteed to do any of the following and are not intended to replace any medicine or perscriptions without consulting to a physician. I am not an expert, but do want to share what I have learned about these powerful herbs and what is helping me to consistenly feel better)

can help stomach disorders, supports colon health, detoxifier

helps maintain steadier blood sugar levels, lowers cholesterol due to beta glucan, high in magnesium

Wheat Grass
heavy metal detoxifyer, increases blood flow, aids in digestion

lowers LDL cholesterol and blood sugar, lowers breast cancer risk, iodine source

protein source, contains at least trace amounts of every dietary mineral, rich in iron and magnesium

complete protein source, alkalizing, blood builder, may help chronic fatigue

Irish moss
soothing effect on mucous membranes through the body and can help fight free radicals

Rose hips
rich source of vitamin C, helps protect cartilage

contains betaine which helps the liver process fat, contains potassium and cleanses the kidney and gall bladder naturally

Nutritional yeast
helps regulate blood sugar and contains a rich source of B12. also a complete protein, more than any red meat

improves circulation, helps prevent blood clots and lowers cholesterol

Blue violet
anti-inflammatory, blood cleansing properties, anti-cancer herb

increases stamina, lowers cholesterol naturally, and helps with insomnia

Parsley (root and/or leaf)
protects liver and intestines against cancer, eliminates toxins and kidney stones

protects digestive tract and liver against toxins and parasites, lowers cholesterol and helps fight infection in the body

Dandelion root
helps liver/gal bladder problems, great herbal diuretic

Carrot (didn't see it on mountain herb today...might have to get from somewhere else)
source of beta carotene, folic acid, B vitamins and liguin, which helps to strengthen immune system

an adaptogen, which helps the body adapt to stress, which supports adrenal function and encourages healthy production of cortisol in the body. Treatment for diabetes and also increases T cells in the body that destroy foreign cancer cells.

soo beautiful before it is mixed up

all mixed up and in the capsules.

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  1. May I ask how much all of that costs and how long it lasts? I'm curious.
    It sure looks beautiful!!