Monday, July 11, 2011

Boise Half Ironman!

We made it to Boise!

The Boise Guest House were we stayed with our friends, Cody and Trevor!

Checking my bike in the day before the's kind of the deer in the headlights kind of look!

Cody and I with matching compression socks, iron man sweatshirts and tri outfits...

David and I on race day hiking up to the reservoir for the swim. David brought his pump to check all our bikes before the race! He was my awesome support crew!

Tri Group: Me, Cody, Greg (our coach) and Allan
My group just after the swim started!

Hello Blogging World! The last six weeks I have been super busy and just really trying to enjoy life with my kids while they are on summer break. We have had many visitors coming through Utah and have enjoyed having friends and family stay at our house. On June 11th, I finished my first official triathalon race, the Boise 70.3 Ironman event! It was absolutely amazing and exhilerating. David and I left our sweet children at home and went to Idaho with our friends, Cody and Trevor. We met Greg, our triathalon coach there in Idaho. The hardest part for sure was the swim. The water just tapped out at 53 degrees! My was that cold. It took me just over 50 minutes to complete the 1.2 mile swim...a long time, but I really tried to pace myself to save energy for the rest of the race. The 56 mile bike ride felt great and took me about 3 hours and 8 minutes to complete. The bike ride ends in downtown Boise, where the run starts. It is a 13.1 mile run around Boise's downtown district and river trail. The streets were lined with people cheering you on. I couldn't help but get caught up in the emotions! The run took me just over 2 hours because of a pulled muscle in my right foot (don't wear shoes that are only three weeks old on race day).. Coming across the finish line was so amazing and I couldn't help but cheer and cry at the same time! I did it and I can't wait to do it again.

Right after the swim when my body was frozen from the 53 degree water!

Just finishing the bike!

Ready for the 13.1 mile run

Just after the amazed I did it!

Cody and I getting our official ironman picture taken

David and I...he was proud of me...It was an amazing moment to share with my best friend!

In honor of finishing this amazing experience, I wanted to share one of my most favorite recipe, which has proved to be perfect training and racing fuel:

If the Tarahumara tribe can run 50 to 100 miles for run and fuel on pinole (masa harina corn flour) and chia seeds..I thought I would give it a try.

I found the perfect recipe to start using:

Vegan Pinole-Chia Waffles

3/4 C. medium to finely ground pinole (look for masa harina)
1/4 C. chia seeds
1/4 C. oats, ground
1/2 t. salt
1 t. baking powder
1/2 C.applesauce
1 C. hemp milk (sometimes I use coconut)
1 T. coconut oil
1 T. maple syrup
1 T. vanilla extract


1. Preheat Waffle Iron
2. Stir together corneal, chia, ground oats, salt and baking powder. In a separate bowl, mix together applesauce, milk, oil, maple syrup and vanilla.
3. Stir wet ingredients into dry to make a smooth batter. Sometimes I add more milk.
4. Spray waffle iron with non-stick spray and pour batter into hot waffle iron.
5. Cook according to directions of your waffle maker.

I have taken these waffles on long bike rides, and fueled with these the whole time I was on the bike during the half-iron man. I also use them before long runs. They are awesome and I was so thankful to never "bonk" on my ride...or my run!



  1. OK, I'm feeling the need for a cry. A freaking joyful cry!!! Can I just say, that seeing you and David supporting each other and working together touches my heart. The power of two people determined to love, serve and inspire each other is what life is all about!
    Iron Marriage is what you have! (And don't we know, it takes work!) :)
    Worth every best effort, for sure!!

  2. Congratulations! I am so happy for you! What an accomplishment! It makes me want to get up and jump on my bike. I can't swim :(

    And I'm going to make those waffles for Derek. That sounds like just what he needs for when he bikes to work. Where do you buy your chia seeds? Can you get them at Winco in bulk?

  3. Leanna, wow. What an accomplishment. Thanks for sharing the pictures with us!

  4. Anna, I know that Winco in Eagle does not carry the seeds, Boise Co-op does, about $15.00 per pound. Online its less than half of that. I would like to find somewhere in the valley that has them at 6-7.00 a pound.