Friday, March 23, 2012

The Road Ahead Looks Bright!

It has been a few REALLY LONG MONTHS for our family.
End of December-January: I was in a ton of pain from my endometriosis and really couldn't do much!
February: On February 7, I had surgery to remove the new endometriosis growth (last surgery was 10 years ago).
Middle of February: David hurt his back even worse and was in so much pain, he couldn't sleep, stand, sit, or do anything to find comfort.
March: On March 7, David had back surgery (by the grace of God and the quick response from the top surgeon in Utah County to see David and fit him in on his surgery schedule).
Today, March 23: We are all feeling awesome! We have all had our highs and lows (including the kids). David is gaining strength every day and can stand and walk for more than 5 minutes without shooting pain down his legs. I can run again and no longer have endo pain!!!!!
Between the two of us we have lost about 20 pounds!
Enduring the struggles and almost unbearable challenges in our life is really hard and often painful, but when we allow those things to humble us and bring us closer to God, we can rise above it, and truly feel grateful for days like today...when everything...finally....after a long time....seems wonderful and bright!

In honor of that, I thought I would share my most favorite OH SHE GLOWS recipe! (You can see the original recipe HERE along with a much better picture) I can't believe I haven't posted it before. I call it:


In your blender, add:
3/4 C. unsweetened vanilla almond milk
3/4 C. almond butter
(I used the freshly ground from the health food store)
1 T. pure maple syrup
(I used 1 t. maple syrup and 5 drops vanilla flavored stevia)
1/4 t. cinnamon
(I used almost 1/2 t.)

Blend until smooth and creamy. It is thin at first. It thickens in the fridge
You are basically cutting the calories and fat from plain almond butter in half!
I love it with bananas, apples and strawberries.

Celebrate something wonderful about your day with this awesome goodness!

Remember the old saying:
Sticks and Stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me!
After what we've been through these last three months, I can safely say:
Pain and Sickness may ache my bones, but Trials will never hurt me!


  1. So glad you are both feeling wonderful again!! Love you