Thursday, January 27, 2011


Today I understand what food is not.
Food is not love. It does not mean I love you when it feeds you. not more love, it is just more food.
It is not medicine when I feel like **** and want to instantly feel better.
It does not take the place of therapy. Or prayer.
It is not a ticker tape parade when I do something great and want to celebrate.
Food does not love me back. It does not care whether I love it or not.
It sits there with no opinion of me whatsoever.
Food is not "good" or "bad" as far as having morality goes.
It can be "healthy" and "unhealthy," yes.
And if I eat something, I AM NOT good or bad for having eaten it.
So, my relationship with food is changing. And I am feeling more empowered to be honest and really honor my body and brain and heart and spirit
with this journey I am on.
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This hit home. I can look back at certain times of my life and wish I would have had these words in front of me. Feel Empowered, Be are POWERFUL! Shout for joy at how amazing you are and your progress at becomming healthier. Share something you have learned today with someone else...

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  1. My thoughts exactly! In fact, one day in MI I was on FACEBOOK kind of late and Mike came down to tell me he was going to bed. Right before he went up the stairs he turned and said,"Amie, FACEBOOK doesn't love you."
    And he walk away.
    It hit me! The lesson had nothing to do with facebook.
    Where does love and joy come from? We each have to answer that for ourselves and then invest in it with all our hearts! Food is a blessing. Let's use it as such, and bless our families in the process.
    Thank you for the poem!