Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Top Reads!

A few people have asked me where I am getting all my info from. David and I know that we want to be moderate in our decisions for our family and what we eat and how we go about our lives. We don't want to devote to any certain way of eating, as we believe that there should be moderation in all things and NOT just with food, but with life. We are trying to balance our physical, spiritual, emotional and temporal needs, and often times this is overwhelming. As we are continually working on all areas, right now I am choosing to educate myself on health and nutrition. The books that I will be referring to often are the books that follow, which are helping us create this solid foundation of what we will be putting into our bodies each and everyday. As i refer to them continually, I am also amazing with how much these books are not just about food, but about being balanced in life and just about being happier! (You can click on any title to take you to a page of where to read more about the book and buy it if it interests you. Here they are:

Original Fast Foods by James and Colleen Simmons
Looking Younger and Living Longer by Mary Roberts Smith, N.D.
The Diet Rebel's Cookbook by Jillyane Clements and Michelle Stewart
For now, these are the books I am using to compile a basic eating plan and ways to eat healthier and ideas of what to feed my children. Along this blogging journey, I will be sharing tips, recipes and ideas from these books, all of which are fabulous reads!

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