Thursday, January 20, 2011

Ranch Dressing

OK, so this is soo yummy! I have all my recipes in a new book ready to be tried and tested, but will have to buy all my ingredients little by little as we keep using up what we have. So, as the Hidden Valley Ranch is down to the last drop, I knew a new dip/dressing recipe was a MUST..especially one raw, with real ingredients and not loaded with tons of MSG and sodium.

Here is the link to the one I tried today. All I can say is that if it passed the test of my 6 year old, we are all in luck! (and you wont believe what the ingredient is that makes it creamy!)I separated the dressing into a few glass jars and put them in the fridge...better when chilled first. (The only thing I would do different next time, is maybe add a little less dill. I forgot to add the agave and it was still great. Enjoy. Look at this girl eating her veggies!)

When the kids get home from school, they have yummy veggies and fruit waiting for them. Victoria LOVES peanut butter with celery and apples and Jocelyn loves veggies and ranch. Tyler just grazes between both bowls of fruit and veggies. I find that cutting up veggies ahead of time helps when the kids are hungry and want a snack and they can get it out themselves. Besides fruit and veggies, I make a lot of home made popcorn on the stove (using grape seed oil because it has a high burning point), and have fruit leather, rice crackers, nuts, and yummy healthy cookies on hand (i will post this recipe soon!)

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