Saturday, April 23, 2011

Days Four - Six

The last few days have been super busy, but I did want to share something with you that continues to help me start my day, especially during this "Nutritarian" quest!

FACT: It is easiest for me to get most of my raw veggies in by putting them in my green smoothie.

Here is what I have been doing the last few days. This is just a take off of THIS smoothie!
In your blender, add:
1 small banana
1 T. chia seeds
1 T. goji berries
1 zucchini, cut up (weird I know, but it actually gives the shake a great consistency)
1 handful fresh spinach
2 Collard Greens leaves
2 small Kale leaves
1 C. frozen mixed berries from Costco
1 C. frozen strawberries
2 dropper-fuls of Stevia (don't know what this is. Go HERE!
1-2 C. ice
1-2 C. water.

Blend all in your Vita-mix and enjoy! This makes a totally large smoothie...but fills me up COMPLETELY and gives me the energy I need for the morning, especially after a hard training morning, like a triathlon bike class combined with a hard training swim!

Two out of my three kids like this smoothie and my husband wants to me make this for him before he goes to work.

Here is the kicker...After I make my smoothie, I take out a little bit and mix in 1 t. chlorella. I down this really fast! This is the highest form of chlorophyll you can buy and can reverse toxins in your body. This is natural energy in a strong-tasting powder form..Not my favorite taste, but it is powerful...let me tell you.

Then, I take another little bit of shake and mix in 1 T. of my "Four Thieves" apple cider vinegar formula...I have not been sick since fever, so sore throat, to coughing...nothing.. I really do attribute my staying healthy (especially when everyone around me has been sick) to this little concoction. You can read about it HERE!

Here is what Dr. Fuhrman says about consuming raw vegetables:
"There is one food that scientific research has shown has a strong positive association with increased longevity in humans. So which food do you think that is?
The answer is raw, leafy vegetables, referred to as salad. Being healthy and owning a disease-resistant body is not luck; it is earned." (Eat to Live pg 72)

"Raw foods have a fast transit time through the digestive tract and result in a lower glucose response and encourage more weight loss than their cooked counterparts. The object is to eat as many raw vegetables as possible, with a goal of one pound (sixteen ounces) daily. (Eat to Live pg. 212-213)

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