Monday, April 18, 2011

Nutritarian Experiment Starts Today

Today I am starting a six (maybe eight) week long "Nutritarian" Experiment.
What is a nutritarian? You can find out about it HERE!

The timing for me works out really well, because I just got all my allergy tests back and found out that I have MAJOR sensitivities to: wheat, eggs, all dairy and oats. Also, my candida (yeast) level is up to 100. It should be "0."

Dr Joel Fuhrman has coined the term "Nutritarian" which means eating foods that are nutrient dense. It isn't about counting is about fueling your body with foods that are so rich in nutrients, that you can actually reverse several disorders you have, lower your blood pressure, lower your cholesterol, and overcome cravings once and for all, and basically be disease free!

This isn't just about losing WILL lose weight, because eating this way is soo different than the SAD (Standard American Diet).

First of all, read the book, Eat to Live. It is 12$ on amazon or 16$ at your local book store. It took me about a week to read the whole thing..Faster if you have more time than I do. I promise that the information will fascinate you. With over 20 years of experience, Dr. Fuhrman has helped over 10,000 patients change their lives. He refers to over 2000 studies to support his theories. He has been on every major network and TV show. Dr. Oz says that Eat to Live is "A medical breakthrough...There is no question in my mind that it will work for you."

You can also visit Dr. Fuhrman's website: He has great video clips and awesome information for you to read.

Here is what I will be doing (which goes perfectly with all my allergies and the yeast problem I still have):

Every Day

Consume Unlimited:
All raw vegetables (goal 1 lb. daily)
Cooked greens and non-green vegetables (goal 1 lb. daily)
beans, legumes, beans sprouts and tofu (goal 1 C. daily)
fresh fruit (at least 4 daily)

Cooked starchy vegetables or whole grains:
butternut squash, corn, white potatoes, rice, sweet potatoes, whole grain bread, cereal (not more than 1 cup daily)
ground flax seeds (1 T. max per day)
raw nuts and seeds (1 oz. max per day)
dried fruit (2 T. max per day)
avocado ( 2 oz. max per day)

Off Limits:
dairy products
animal products
between meal snacks
fruit juice

This plan will help you overcome toxic hunger and cravings and really cleanse your body.

What is Toxic Hunger vs. True Hunger:

Dr Fuhrman states, " What I have observed and quantified with thousands of individuals is that the drive to over consume calories is blunted by high micro-nutrient consumption. The symptoms that were thought to be hypoglycemia or even hunger, which occur as soon as glycolysis begins, simply disappear after eating very healthfully for a few months. After that 2-4 month window, when micro-nutrients in the body's tissues have accumulated, the symptoms of fatigue, headaches, irritability and stomach cramps go away and people get in touch with true hunger, felt primarily in the throat. True hunger makes eating more pleasurable....
Healthful eating is more effective than portion control for long-term weight control. It modifies and diminishes the sensations of toxic hunger, enabling overweight individuals to be more comfortable eating fewer calories...
True hunger is felt in the throat, neck and mouth, not in the stomach or head....
True hunger requires no special food to satisfy it. It is relieved by eating almost anything. You can't crave some particular food and call it hunger; a craving by definition is an addictive drive, not something felt by a person who is not an addict."

As many days as possible, I will post my meal plan, my feelings about the day and a quote from Eat to Live. I am very excited. Dr. Fuhrman's program really isn't much different from "Original Fast Foods," my other favorite book..but I appreciated getting all the science behind this type of eating and why it is so important to flood your body with important nutrients.

This really won't be much different from how I already eat, except for the fact that I am cutting out completely dairy, meat, eggs for the next 6 weeks and staying away from wheat and oats..which I am allergic to. I also snack a lot and eat more sweet stuff than I should (even though they are made with honey and agave...I still have that desire to eat sweet things).

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