Thursday, March 3, 2011

I want to be healthier, but where do I start?

The first book I read about improving myself through nutrition since being diagnosed with Adrenal Fatigue was Looking Younger and Living Longer by Mary Robert Smith, N.D. I love her list for overall improved health. If you are feeling overwhelmed, this is a great place to start...a great place to refer to and it is manageable.
It is important to add one new thing at a time, or you will feel frustrated and more likely to give up, then if you are slow and steady. If you are in a hurry, print out this list and read it and reread it! I am still working on this and feel like I can almost do everything on the list without ever thinking twice, but it was been 3 months. The following info has really been life-changing.

Here is what she recommends to rebuild your body-the anti-aging program:

1. Unprocessed foods. Eat fruit and veggies and raw nuts, organically grown (or local) as much as possibly. Highly-refined and processed foods are robbed of the essential vitamins, minerals, and enzymes necessary for good health. Many contain MSG or other harmful chemicals.

2. Protein. Protein intake is important, but animal protein has been linked to cancer. Plant proteins are healthier and safer. If you have a protein deficiency, your ability to metabolize toxins is diminished. Complete proteins are necessary for muscle building:
a. Meat: Eat meat sparingly, if at all. When you do eat meat, make it grass-fed beef, with no hormones or antibiotics. Cook meat on low heat, as protein is injured by prolonged, high heat.

b. Dairy: Commercial dairy contains more "casein" then we should ever consume. My idea: Try using raw milk and raw cheese, which means it is unprocessed and from grass-fed, healthy cows. Cage free hens are healthier chickens and will produce healthier eggs. If possible, buy eggs from hens fed on flax seed. They are full of the omega 3 fatty acids. Get fermented yogurt with lactobacillus acidophilus and other friendly bacteria that aid in your digestion and improve your immune function.

c. Legumes: Beans, including soy, are the best source of protein with no bad fast or bacteria to worry about. Plant based proteins are "safe" proteins. You can combine beans with any of the following to make a complete protein: cheese, corn, nuts, rice, seeds, or wheat. You can combine rice with any of the following to make a complete protein: beans, cheese, nuts, sesame seeds or wheat.

d. Nuts and seeds: Raw and unsalted are best. Keep in the freezer and bring out in small amounts, if left out, they can become rancid.

3. Fruits and Vegetables, organically grown. Fruits are vegetables are full of antioxidants, which are an important key to living longer. They should be the basis of your diet. (I try to eat now at least 1 pound of raw vegetables..usually more.)

4. Use 100% wholegrain cereals, breads, flours, and brown rice. They contain important B complex vitamins, vitamin E, minerals, fiber, antioxidants and the important unsaturated fatty acids. Whole grains will increase your intake of chromium and other trace minerals essential for immune function and blood sugar regulation.

5. Use cold-pressed virgin olive oil and coconut oil. These are an excellent source or the healthy, essential, unsaturated fatty acids, which are absolutely essential to good health. Replace butter or shortening with coconut oil in your baking and frying. It is great tasting, does not burn at high heat.

6. Juice. Get a juicer, and use it. You can get such a high concentration of vitamins and minerals in a glass of juice. Be sure to have at least one glass every day, preferably a green drink. Whenever you are ill, it would be wise to drink only juices until you feel better.

7. Drink at least 8 glasses or pure filtered water daily, preferably ten. Dehydration is a major cause of disease. Water delivers nutrients around the body, regulates body temp and transports waste

8. Drink a honey vinegary drink daily. This is made with 8 oz. pure water with 1-2 t. pure apple cider vinegar (Braggs), 1-2 t. honey. This drink will give your body the potassium it needs, keep your pH balance where it should be, and keep your arteries clean.

9. Take a natural whole food supplement. And make sure you are getting at least 1,100 IU vitamin D and 1200 mgs of Calcium to prevent the risk of cancer.

10. Drink Aloe Vera Juice every day. Aloe juice will help your digestion, and is also very healing to your body. 2 ox. or juice once or twice daily. Make sure it is whole leaf aloe with no fillers in it!

11. Take a chlorella supplement. This will increase your energy noticeable. Most nutritionists recommend taking a green supplement. Chlorella is superior to all of them (meaning wheat grass juice, barley grass, spirulina or chlorella).

12. Exercise for at least 30 minutes every day. Exercise makes your brain grow, helps prevent cancer and heart disease

13. Deep breathe. Take cleansing breaths every day, in fresh air, while you walk and before going to sleep to relax and induce sleep.

Email me with any questions: I would love to talk to you about any thing!

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  1. leanna i really admire all the effort you are putting into eating healhy.

    how do you do it with 3 little kids and not much time? the time thing has always been the most difficult part for me..